Strategy and Planning

Hart Health Strategies works closely with clients to identify and refine issues and priorities, as well as to implement a strategic plan to achieve well-defined objectives.

Through ongoing monitoring of health policy developments in Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Department of Health and Human Services agencies, we will identify at the beginning of each new session of Congress health policy issues that are expected to emerge as key areas of debate during the year and assess how these issues intersect with a client's interests. This process may identify potential legislative vehicles or identify issues that clients may wish to comment on and participate in the development of legislative initiatives.

In consultation with a client's senior advocacy team, Board leadership, Public Policy Committee and others as identified and needed, Hart Health Strategies assists in defining at the beginning of each year, and at other times as appropriate, policy problems/issues that are critical for the client and analyze options for addressing those problems/issues that could be taken to the Congress and the Administration for action in the upcoming year.

Hart Health Strategies works with clients to assign priorities to the issues and advise how identified objectives can best be achieved through our understanding of Congress' current legislative agenda and the Administration's regulatory initiatives for the year.



Hart Health Strategies provides a comprehensive policy briefing on a weekly basis.