Information and Counsel

Hart Health Strategies assists and advises clients on developing the best strategy for achieving identified objectives either through the most appropriate legislative vehicle-whether that be a comprehensive Medicare bill, Public Health Service Act program reauthorization legislation, appropriations bills, or a freestanding bill-or through the regulatory process and working with appropriate Executive Branch agencies.

We will reassess legislative priorities throughout the year and provide advice on adjusting the strategic plan as needed.

The Hart Health Strategies team necessarily is engaged in the monitoring of health policy developments on many fronts on a daily basis. We brief clients on these developments on a regular basis and as requested.

Hart Health Strategies also publishes a weekly newsletter on legislative and regulatory developments in health care policy. We believe that this is an effective tool for keeping clients up to date on recent developments affecting their issues. The newsletter is sent to clients at the beginning of each week.



Hart Health Strategies provides a comprehensive policy briefing on a weekly basis.